Hey there!

Whether you were a longtime reader of Bridgette and Goliath, follower of the BalancedBridge Instagram account, or stumbled upon here by mistake… I’m happy you’re here!

My name is Bridgette Pronozuk, and I’m a 22 year old gal living in the Pacific Northwest. I graduated from Oregon State University last summer (Go Beavs!) with a degree in Kinesiology. My health and fitness journey has been a long one, to say the least. When I was a Sophomore in high school, I was hospitalized for anorexia nervosa, and struggled on and off with that, in conjunction with exercise addiction, until my senior year of college. I tried all the different modalities of treatment, from intensive outpatient, to residential, but each time, returned to the familiarity of restriction, and obsessively engaging in cardio exercise. The final time I was in treatment, I decided to do something different. I vowed to myself that I would take a full year off of cardio (which ended up turning into a year and a half), instead trying strength training, and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. By the time I gave myself the freedom to return though, I had a completely different perspective on exercise, and perception of my body. For the first time in my life, I felt strong. I felt capable. And most importantly, I felt like I was the one in control of my exercise habits, not my disease.

From my lowest weight to my current, healthy weight (where my hormones have finally returned to their functioning state again), there is a difference of over 30 pounds. I have maintained this weight for almost a year, through making healthy food and exercise choices, which has become both a passion of mine, and a lifestyle.

While my degree is in the science of exercise, I have a wealth of nutritional knowledge as well, from years of eating disorder treatment, classes I took in college to supplement my degree, and research I’ve done on my own time. I’ve tried multiple diets and styles of exercise, from keto to high-carb, Crossfit to hot yoga. I now believe that balance, with both food and exercise, is the best way to maintain and sustain a healthful life, and it’s my desire to share advice and my own experience with others who desire the same.