A week ago today, the amount of time I spend in the car significantly increased. We moved to the outskirts of Portland, and my commute tripled. I’m learning to embrace it, and have a newfound appreciation for things I can listen to while driving. Sometimes I need to be mentally stimulated, and sometimes I need to just zone out, but regardless, there are podcasts that meet virtually every need! Some of these podcasts could fall into multiple categories, but I tried to separate them the best I could.

Faith: The church Cody and I have made our “home” church is called “The Rose Church,” and it’s awesome. There are a plethora of episodes to choose from, so I’ve listed the ones that were most impactful to me. Almost all of these episodes are from Pastor Andrew Damazio, the head pastor at RC, but I might throw in a few here and there from other places that I like as well. They can all be found for free on iTunes.

  • My Name is Peter, The Rose Church
  • Don’t Miss the Comma, The Rose Church
  • Call the Landlord, The Rose Church
  • Tell the Devil Not Today, The Rose Church
  • That’s Not Mine, The Rose Church
  • God Dream, The Rose Church
  • Temporary Relief or Permanent Solutions, The Rose Church
  • Which Way Are You Running, The Rose Church
  • Stay in Your Lane, The Rose Church
  • When Things Don’t Go Like You Thought, Beaverton Foursquare Church
  • Cultivate Kindness, Beaverton Foursquare Church

Health & Wellness: I’m a little biased with the first one on this list, because Morgan is one of my best friends…but the podcast she and her friend Kelsey have started really is awesome. I’m always hesitant to listen to nutritional advice from a non-registered dietitian, but rest assured that if a podcast is on this list, I vetted the host to the best of my abilities and determined I trusted their knowledge.

  • WE with Kelsey and Morgan
  • Nutrition Matters Podcast
  • The Autoimmune Wellness Podcast
  • Funk’tional Nutrition Podcast
  • Nourishing Women Podcast
  • Bulletproof Radio
  • Balanced Bites

Educational: These podcasts are definitely more science-heavy, but they are incredibly interesting, and some of the knowledge you can take away in just 45 minutes is astounding! (And more than I may have learned in an entire quarter of biology at school…)

  • Mayo Clinic Talks
  • Health Practitioner Podcast
  • Natural MD Radio
  • MoveU Unfiltered
  • Breaking Muscle
  • The Ready State

Fun & Inspirational: These podcasts are just what the title suggests…fun! If you want to provoke a little bit of deeper thinking but have some laughs and allow yourself to relax a little bit while doing it, pick an episode from this list.

  • The Chasing Joy Podcast
  • Don’t Keep Your Day Job
  • Evolve Your Life Podcast
  • Bucci Radio
  • Grind & Be Grateful


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