Homemade Turkey Burgers

I sort of made these turkey burgers by mistake. I’d been planning to use the ground turkey I’d purchased from the store about a week prior to make chicken lettuce wraps (another recipe I’ll post soon), but one night I realized that I didn’t have the other ingredients necessary, and the turkey was about to go bad.

The solution?

Use the turkey for something else.

So, with 16 oz of ground turkey on hand and an assortment of random things in the fridge and kitchen cabinets, I aborted the idea of Chinese food for dinner and decided to try my hand at making burgers. I found a recipe that looked good in the Paleo Magazine and modified it a bit. Here’s the gist of it…they were pretty easy!

  1. Add 16 oz ground turkey, 1 egg, 1/3 cup diced white onion, sea salt, pepper, dried cilantro, oregano, garlic powder, and celery salt (I’m TERRIBLE with measuring but just did a dash of each) to a mixing bowl and combine. I used my hands because it was fun, but of course you could use a utensil if you prefer. Just make sure to wash your hands really well if you choose my method!
  2. Form patties by hand. I made five, decently sized patties with those quantities of ingredients, but you can make them whatever size you prefer.
  3. Grill! I grilled them over medium heat for about five minutes on each side and they tasted amazing.

Serve these guys however you like. I freeze mine and they still taste great upon reheating. Most often I’ll wrap them in lettuce and garnish with some homemade guac, but they’re great in bowls, on salads, or any other way you can imagine!

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